Tuesday, January 14, 2014

FIRE OVER KANSAS @ Naked Architecture

Eind vorig jaar heb ik met Jaroslaw Rodycz, fotograaf en Michael Wickerson, kunstenmaker 
een bijzonder foto/kunst/architectuur project gedaan, waarvan de foto's vrijdag droog en opgeplakt zijn.
Ze worden binnenkort geëxposeerd in New York, Toronto en Krakow
Als je zin hebt om deze te komen bekijken; ik heb vrij veel Kwak bier gekocht en heb nog hele lekkere Côtes du Rhone.
Ik haal denk ik nog wat Belgische bierkazen.

Vrijdag aanstaande ben je van 17:00-20:00 zeer welkom op de Frans Halsstraat 26.

Erik Meulenbelt

Laat je weten of je langskomt?

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Chapter 7: Hope Beyond Reason - (Carl Skrade, God and the Grotesque)

A God comprehended is no God.  - Tersteegen
To find God, one must tear oneself from the seductions of reason. - Lev Shestov
By the continual living activity of its non-rational elements a religion is guarded from passing into rationalism.  - Rudolf Otto

In the foregoing material it is argued that our contemporary history is the history of that rationalization of all phases of existence which had issued in the sterility of our technological society.  Rationalism, it has been argued, dominates not only secular life but religious life as well; it has generally dominated not only orthodoxy but also atheism and our attempts to strike out for new theological ground.

The exaltation of reason has involved the isolation of the intellect in ancient Greece, the glorification of the "scientific" methodology in the eighteenth century, and the consequent industrialization-technologization of the past two centuries.  More significantly than such developments without are their roots within.  Psychoanalytically, the roots are deep within, in the cleft between the life instinct  and the death instinct; the impossible flight from death becomes instead its adoration.  Theologically, the roots are in our own constant re-enactment of the story of Adam and Eve, our choices of the tree of knowlegde over the tree of life, with the resultant pride of management of all phases of existence.  We are the grocers whom Zorba scorns, the grocers who, with cool reason, weigh the goodness, the badness, and necessities of Ludice and My Lai, Auschwitz and Hiroshima as well as a thousand other unnamed places that may await us in our future.  Ultimately, life itself is subsumed under this weighing and measuring - and life vanishes in our quests for control.

to be continued...