Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cupola, Cupola

An exhibition of drawings and sculptures by Michael David Wickerson, at the Sluishoef Oranjerie in De Bilt, The Netherlands

Quietly situated both in and around the glass sunroom of the historical Sluishoef located at Utrechtseweg 315 in De Bilt, the Netherlands, Michael David Wickerson has installed a series of his recent drawing and sculptures by collaborating with an open-minded group of trans-continental architects, photographers, artists and digital professionals.

Cupola, Cupola is a collection of new fangled drawings, bronze sculptures and outdoor public works that have been inspired by the time Wickerson has spent traveling, working and living in the Netherlands, specifically Friesland. It is the northern Klokkenstoelen that captured the imagination of Michael Wickerson and later melded with his iron cupola designs. These bell towers and furnace wagons are the subject of this exhibition and the basis of all of Wickerson’s current projects and works.

This trans-continental exchange would not be possible without the generosity of Annemarie Engbers and Hans Sluijmer, partner of Architectuurbureau Sluijmer en van Leeuwen, and Jaroslaw Rodycz and Christel Derksen of Cornbreadworks

Monday, June 9, 2008

USUK Cast Iron Symposium

USUK International Cast Iron Sculpture Symposium at Butley Mills Studios

Chair of the Sculpture Department at the Kansas City Art Institute, Michael David Wickerson, will participate in the 9th USUK Symposium at Butley Studio in Suffolk, England. Alongside fifteen artists selected internationally, Wickerson will have the opportunity to produce new cast iron artworks using traditional and experimental methods. This event will conclude with a Public Iron Pour and Group Exhibition. Please view for details regarding selected artists and their proposed artworks.

USUK was founded in 1997 by Sculptor Coral Lambert and over the past ten years has traveled to many different places including Wales, England and in America, New Orleans, Minnesota and New York. The 1st, 3rd and 5th USUK were hosted by Sculptor Laurence Edwards and the artists of Yew Tree Farm in Suffolk, England. They are excited to have the 9th USUK Symposium held at their new home of Butley Mills Studios. Situated two hours north east of London, the studios look out over the Tilde River, Orford Ness surrounded by farmland and ancient Oak woodland.