Friday, June 10, 2011

Bronze Casting

Just incase you are interested, I am casting 40# pots of Silicon Bronze in 1 hour in my backyard, I only use KINGSTON charcoal and a gas generator. I am completely off the grid and the power is fantastic to witness. I believe that I am the only human alive doing this. No propane, no natural gas lines, and no electric power lines. Like I said, to witness the furnace in full action is overwhelming. I must act in the early morning hours to avoid heat exhaustion. I melted a steel lid this morning and had plenty of time to clean the metal before pouring. I really must congradulate myself on my sabbatical research that began last fall in Berlin. I call the foundry, the Greive Foundry, and I feel completely authentic in my actions. My anxiety has transformed into pure adrenaline, once and for all. - Michael