Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"O" is for Oscar, "S" is for Schmidt

Wickersonstudios has been the happy home to visiting artist and teacher, Araan Schmidt, for the last week of May 2010. During that time Schmidt has worked on; completing his 4500# sand mold, fabricating a #420 ladle for casting aluminum, and casting a 120# letter "O" for our son, Oscar, directly into the earth, not to mention casting his own life-size 400# aluminum form.

Michael Wickerson and Jim Whitworth aided Araan Schmidt in 90 degree weather, and I doubt wickersonstudios will see a harder working and more determined individual for the remaining summer months of 2010. Beth Allison documented the entire event and baby Oscar witnessed his fourth iron pour by the age of eight months.

Wickersonstudios now stands in the wake of Michael's one year sabbatical and has the ability to work iron, stone, timber, and raw earth in a facility that can boast having a 60 x 60 sculpture pad, a bridge crane, hoist, a-frame, cupola, ladles, stone tables, a cement and mortar mixer, a horizontal band-saw, drill press, 4000# of coke (coal), a wealth of timber and lumber, and a field of four leaf clovers. In addition, wickersonstudios is fully equipped with a full range of machining, woodworking, landscaping and special sculpture tools.

Please feel free to contact us, should you be interested in proposing a site specific work and/or would just like to shoot around some creative ideas with a herd of deer or a rafter of turkeys.