Friday, June 15, 2007

Process Space Festival

MULTICULTURAL EXHIBITION: PROCESS-SPACE FESTIVAL, ALUMINUM CAST WORKSHOP, BALCHIK, BULGARIA - Michael David Wickerson, the Last Canadian Man in America, demonstrated an aluminum casting workshop on the beaches of the Black Sea at the Process Space Festival held in Bulgaria. Utilizing a primitive technique of curing ceramic crucibles and fabricating a furnace from found clay and sand, Wickerson incorporated compressed gas, electric blowers and aluminum to recreate ancient golden forms that are native to the Thracian Coast-line.

The Process-Space festival aims at stimulating the innovative research methods of contemporary artists in order to explore well beyond established genre borders relating to creative self-expression, without any limitations. To date, the Festival has welcomed more than 500 International Artists and Art Critics. - taken in part from

This international residency program located in Eastern Europe serves a bridge and communication link for innovative thinkers and artists from the Americas to the Asian Continent. It is my hope to further establish the international recognition of this event, diversify the contemporary arts community, prepare artists for world citizenship, reflect upon the current and emerging needs in fine arts, industry and design, and enhance the position of the Process-Space Festival as a leader in promoting art and design within the international community.